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(PHP 4 >= 4.3.0, PHP 5)

mb_strtoupperMake a string uppercase


string mb_strtoupper ( string $str [, string $encoding = mb_internal_encoding() ] )

Returns str with all alphabetic characters converted to uppercase.

Elenco dei parametri


The string being uppercased.


Il parametro encoding è la codifica dei caratteri. Se è omesso, verrà utilizzata la codifica interna.

Valori restituiti

str with all alphabetic characters converted to uppercase.


For more information about the Unicode properties, please see » http://www.unicode.org/unicode/reports/tr21/.

By contrast to strtoupper(), 'alphabetic' is determined by the Unicode character properties. Thus the behaviour of this function is not affected by locale settings and it can convert any characters that have 'alphabetic' property, such as a-umlaut (ä).


Example #1 mb_strtoupper() example

"Mary Had A Little Lamb and She LOVED It So";
$str mb_strtoupper($str);

Example #2 mb_strtoupper() example with non-Latin UTF-8 text

"Τάχιστη αλώπηξ βαφής ψημένη γη, δρασκελίζει υπέρ νωθρού κυνός";
$str mb_strtoupper($str'UTF-8');

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User Contributed Notes 2 notes

tomasz at trejderowski dot pl
7 years ago
Please note, that in many cases, forcing UTF-8 encoding with second parameter is necessary. PHP documentation states that if this parameter is omitted, the internal character encoding value will be used. But in my case it turned out to be not true. Even though I have all my pages encoded in UTF-8 and my DB connection set to force UTF-8 encoding, comparison of user-input and DB-retrieved data, which is using mb_strtoupper, did not work until I forced encoding.
Stefan W
4 years ago
mb_strtoupper() will not convert the German "ß" character into its (relatively new) uppercase form ("ẞ").
mb_strtolower() will, however, convert the uppercase form into a lowercase "ß". (tested with PHP 5.5.0)
"SS" is still the most common uppercase presentation of "ß". If you want this, you'll have to do it manually:

mb_strtoupper("Maß\n");  // "MAß"
echo mb_strtolower("MAẞ\n");  // "maß"
echo mb_strtoupper(str_replace("ß", "SS", "Maß\n"));  // "MASS"
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