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(PHP 4 >= 4.0.5, PHP 5)

odbc_next_result Verifica se sono disponibili più risultati


bool odbc_next_result ( resource $id_risultato )


Questa funzione, al momento non è documentata; è disponibile soltanto la lista degli argomenti.

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mypsuedoemail at yahoo dot com
8 years ago
This function works exactly like its equivalent Microsoft SQL Server function: mssql_next_result(). The information above is rather vague and a bit misleading, so refer to the mssql version of this function for details on to use it properly.

P.S. It works with stored procedures.
carlosgoce AT gmail DOT com
2 years ago
Using dbase always returns false or -1. It won't work. Just like odbc_num_rows.
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