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(PECL ps >= 1.1.0)

ps_arcDraws an arc counterclockwise


bool ps_arc ( resource $psdoc , float $x , float $y , float $radius , float $alpha , float $beta )

Draws a portion of a circle with at middle point at (x, y). The arc starts at an angle of alpha and ends at an angle of beta. It is drawn counterclockwise (use ps_arcn() to draw clockwise). The subpath added to the current path starts on the arc at angle alpha and ends on the arc at angle beta.

Elenco dei parametri


Resource identifier of the postscript file as returned by ps_new().


The x-coordinate of the circle's middle point.


The y-coordinate of the circle's middle point.


The radius of the circle


The start angle given in degrees.


The end angle given in degrees.

Valori restituiti

Restituisce TRUE in caso di successo, FALSE in caso di fallimento.

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