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(PHP 5.5.0, PECL >= 3.0.0a1)

IntlCalendar::getErrorMessage -- intlcal_get_error_messageGet last error message on the object


Stile orientato agli oggetti (method):

public string IntlCalendar::getErrorMessage ( void )

Stile procedurale:

string intlcal_get_error_message ( IntlCalendar $calendar )

Returns the error message (if any) associated with the error reported by IntlCalendar::getErrorCode() or intlcal_get_error_code(). If there is no associated error message, only the string representation of the name of the error constant will be returned. Otherwise, the message also includes a message set on the side of the PHP binding.

Elenco dei parametri


The calendar object, on the procedural style interface.

Valori restituiti

The error message associated with last error that occurred in a function call on this object, or a string indicating the non-existance of an error.


Example #1 IntlCalendar::getErrorMessage()



Il precedente esempio visualizzerĂ :

string(12) "U_ZERO_ERROR"
string(82) "intlcal_get_weekend_transition: Error calling ICU method: U_ILLEGAL_ARGUMENT_ERROR"

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