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The Solr extension allows you to communicate effectively with the Apache Solr server in PHP 5.

The Solr extension is an extremely fast, light-weight, feature-rich library that allows PHP developers to communicate effectively with Solr server instances.

It is compatible with both versions 1.3 and 1.4 of Apache Solr.

There are built-in tools to add documents and make updates to the solr server.

It also contains tools that allows you to build advanced queries to the server when searching for documents.

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peter at softcoded dot com
4 years ago
For more up to date information see:

"It [the  Apache Solr PHP extension] effectively simplifies the process of interacting with Apache Solr using PHP5 and it already comes with built-in readiness for the latest features added in Solr 3.1 ..."
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