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(PHP 5)

mysqli_result::free -- mysqli_free_resultFrees the memory associated with a result


Stile orientato agli oggetti

void mysqli_result::free ( void )
void mysqli_result::close ( void )
void mysqli_result::free_result ( void )

Stile procedurale

void mysqli_free_result ( mysqli_result $result )

Frees the memory associated with the result.


You should always free your result with mysqli_free_result(), when your result object is not needed anymore.

Elenco dei parametri


Solo nello stile procedurale: un identificatore di resultset restituito da mysqli_query(), mysqli_store_result() o mysqli_use_result().

Valori restituiti

Nessun valore viene restituito.

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User Contributed Notes 2 notes

Vector at ionisis dot com
8 years ago
If you are getting this error:
Internal SQL Bug: 2014, Commands out of sync; you can't run this command now

Then you never called mysqli_result::free(), mysqli_result::free_result(), mysqli_result::close(), or mysqli_free_result() in your script, and must call it before executing another stored procedure.
8 years ago
Freeing the memory associated with a result means that the references returned by mysqli_fetch_object (or equivalent) are cleared. Thus if you should pass an object pointing to a database row _by reference_, every call of mysqli_free_result will discard the referenced data.
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