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mysqli::ssl_set -- mysqli_ssl_setUsed for establishing secure connections using SSL


Stile orientato agli oggetti

bool mysqli::ssl_set ( string $key , string $cert , string $ca , string $capath , string $cipher )

Stile procedurale

bool mysqli_ssl_set ( mysqli $link , string $key , string $cert , string $ca , string $capath , string $cipher )

Used for establishing secure connections using SSL. It must be called before mysqli_real_connect(). This function does nothing unless OpenSSL support is enabled.

Note that MySQL Native Driver does not support SSL before PHP 5.3.3, so calling this function when using MySQL Native Driver will result in an error. MySQL Native Driver is enabled by default on Microsoft Windows from PHP version 5.3 onwards.

Elenco dei parametri


Solo nello stile procedurale: un identificatore restituito da mysqli_connect() o mysqli_init()


The path name to the key file.


The path name to the certificate file.


The path name to the certificate authority file.


The pathname to a directory that contains trusted SSL CA certificates in PEM format.


A list of allowable ciphers to use for SSL encryption.

Any unused SSL parameters may be given as NULL

Valori restituiti

This function always returns TRUE value. If SSL setup is incorrect mysqli_real_connect() will return an error when you attempt to connect.

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quackfish at gmail dot com
3 years ago
Be warned, MySQL prior to versions 5.7.3 do not require the server to use SSL [1]. In the case of PHP the client won't throw an error if the connection is downgraded to plain-text [2]

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