(PHP 5 >= 5.4.0)

SessionHandlerInterface::openInitialize session


abstract public bool SessionHandlerInterface::open ( string $save_path , string $name )

Re-initialize existing session, or creates a new one. Called when a session starts or when session_start() is invoked.

Elenco dei parametri


The path where to store/retrieve the session.


The session name.

Valori restituiti

Il valore di ritorno (normalmente TRUE in caso di successo, altrimenti FALSE). Si noti che questo valore รจ restituito internamente a PHP per il processamento.

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ross at newmail dot ru
9 months ago
You should lock your program for as shorter as possible. Lock it straight before read/write operation and unlock it just after this operation. Otherwise you will face with perfomance degradation and even lock your program at all.

You bind your session to db. Your open method opens the db connection and locks it. No other parallel requests will not be possible until the hole request to your site will be finished (and session close will be called)
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