(PHP 4, PHP 5, PHP 7)

dgettextSobreescreve o domínio atual


string dgettext ( string $domínio , string $mensagem )

A função dgettext() permite que você sobreescreva o domínio atual por uma simples mensagem de lookup.

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viral at noeticsolutions dot com
9 years ago
While using this function, remember to call bindtextdomain for as many domains as you want to use in your application.  For example, if I have module1 and module2 as 2 separate domains in the same application, you can do the following:

bindtextdomain("module1", "//path/to/my/locale/folder");
bindtextdomain("module2", "//path/to/my/locale/folder");

echo _("Label1"); // this call will get the message from module1
echo dgettext("module2", "Label1"); // this call will get the message from module2

Viral Shah
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