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(PECL svn >= 0.1.0)

svn_addSchedules the addition of an item in a working directory


bool svn_add ( string $path [, bool $recursive = true [, bool $force = false ]] )

Adds the file, directory or symbolic link at path to the working directory. The item will be added to the repository the next time you call svn_commit() on the working copy.



Path of item to add.

Nota: Relative paths will be resolved as if the current working directory was the one that contains the PHP binary. To use the calling script's working directory, use realpath() or dirname(__FILE__).


If item is directory, whether or not to recursively add all of its contents. Default is TRUE


If true, Subversion will recurse into already versioned directories in order to add unversioned files that may be hiding in those directories. Default is FALSE

Valor Retornado

Retorna TRUE em caso de sucesso ou FALSE em caso de falha.



Esta função é EXPERIMENTAL. O comportamento desta função, seu nome, incluindo toda documentação pode ser modificado sem aviso em futuras versões do PHP. Esta função deve ser usada por sua própria conta e risco.


Exemplo #1 svn_add() example

In a working directory where svn status returns:

$ svn status
?      foobar.txt

...this code:


...will schedule foobar.txt for addition into the repository.

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