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GearmanClient::pingSend data to all job servers to see if they echo it back


public bool GearmanClient::ping ( string $workload )

Sends some arbitrary data to all job servers to see if they echo it back. The data sent is not used or processed in any other way. Primarily used for testing and debugging.



Some arbitrary serialized data to be echo back

Valor Retornado

Retorna TRUE em caso de sucesso ou FALSE em caso de falha.

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liv_romania at yahoo dot com
2 years ago
If you want to test all job servers you can use the following code:

// Create our client object
$client= new GearmanClient();

// Add available and unavailable servers

// Test all job servers
$success = @$client->ping('data testing');
if (!
$success) {
'Error: ' . $client->error());

// Sending job
echo $client->doNormal('reverse', 'Hello World!');
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