Para ter esta funções disponíveis, você deverá compilar o PHP com suporte para a extensão mysqli.


A extensão mysqli foi criada para funcionar com a versão 4.1.3 ou posterior do MySQL. Para versões anteriores, por favor veja documentação da extensão MySQL.

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Paul from miniBB
1 year ago
"php_mysqli does not replace the php_mysql library.  It only extends it.  You need the php_mysql library !"

mysql_connect() is from another library.  Surely, php_mysqli works WITHOUT php_mysql enabled on the server.  Nothing from php_mysql module is related to this.

Before switching to mysqli, you need to completely eliminate all "mysql_" functions in your code. For example, mysql_connect() could be replaced to mysqli_connect() with an identifying link in front. Like:

$link = mysqli_connect("myhost","myuser","mypassw","mybd");

Then each of mysqli command just should need to be referred to $link at first.
dennylin93 at cnmc32 dot hs dot ntnu dot edu dot tw
5 years ago
The required extensions will be pulled in automatically on FreeBSD, unless you manually remove them after installation.
bashir dot adaptive at gmail dot com
1 year ago
Does all Web Hosting support MySQLi. Web host like godaddy and others.

Please help me to select MySQLi Supported web host.
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