PHP 7.2.0 Beta 3 Released



Por favor não use nenhuma dos fusos horários listados aqui (exceto o UTC), pois elas existem apenas para compatibilidade retroativa, e podem ter comportamento errôneo.


Se você desconsiderar o aviso acima note que o banco de dados fusos horários IANA que o PHP fornece utiliza sinais estilo POSIX, que resulta nas time zones Etc/GMT+n Etc/GMT-n acabarem invertidas do uso comum.

Por exemplo, fusos horários 8 horas a frente do GMT, utilizada na China e Austrália Oeste (entre outros lugares) está marcada como Etc/GMT-8 no banco de dados, e não como Etc/GMT+8 normalmente se espera.

Novamente, é fortemente recomendado que você utilizae a time zone correta da sua locação, como Asia/Shanghai ou Australia/Perth nos exemplos acima.

Africa/Asmera Africa/Timbuktu America/Argentina/ComodRivadavia America/Atka
America/Buenos_Aires America/Catamarca America/Coral_Harbour America/Cordoba
America/Ensenada America/Fort_Wayne America/Indianapolis America/Jujuy
America/Knox_IN America/Louisville America/Mendoza America/Montreal
America/Porto_Acre America/Rosario America/Santa_Isabel America/Shiprock
America/Virgin Antarctica/South_Pole Asia/Ashkhabad Asia/Calcutta
Asia/Chongqing Asia/Chungking Asia/Dacca Asia/Harbin
Asia/Istanbul Asia/Kashgar Asia/Katmandu Asia/Macao
Asia/Rangoon Asia/Saigon Asia/Tel_Aviv Asia/Thimbu
Asia/Ujung_Pandang Asia/Ulan_Bator Atlantic/Faeroe Atlantic/Jan_Mayen
Australia/ACT Australia/Canberra Australia/LHI Australia/North
Australia/NSW Australia/Queensland Australia/South Australia/Tasmania
Australia/Victoria Australia/West Australia/Yancowinna Brazil/Acre
Brazil/DeNoronha Brazil/East Brazil/West Canada/Atlantic
Canada/Central Canada/East-Saskatchewan Canada/Eastern Canada/Mountain
Canada/Newfoundland Canada/Pacific Canada/Saskatchewan Canada/Yukon
CET Chile/Continental Chile/EasterIsland CST6CDT
Cuba EET Egypt Eire
Etc/GMT+1 Etc/GMT+10 Etc/GMT+11 Etc/GMT+12
Etc/GMT+2 Etc/GMT+3 Etc/GMT+4 Etc/GMT+5
Etc/GMT+6 Etc/GMT+7 Etc/GMT+8 Etc/GMT+9
Etc/GMT-0 Etc/GMT-1 Etc/GMT-10 Etc/GMT-11
Etc/GMT-12 Etc/GMT-13 Etc/GMT-14 Etc/GMT-2
Etc/GMT-3 Etc/GMT-4 Etc/GMT-5 Etc/GMT-6
Etc/GMT-7 Etc/GMT-8 Etc/GMT-9 Etc/GMT0
Etc/Greenwich Etc/UCT Etc/Universal Etc/UTC
Etc/Zulu Europe/Belfast Europe/Nicosia Europe/Tiraspol
Factory GB GB-Eire GMT
GMT+0 GMT-0 GMT0 Greenwich
Hongkong HST Iceland Iran
Israel Jamaica Japan Kwajalein
Libya MET Mexico/BajaNorte Mexico/BajaSur
Mexico/General MST MST7MDT Navajo
NZ NZ-CHAT Pacific/Johnston Pacific/Ponape
Pacific/Samoa Pacific/Truk Pacific/Yap Poland
ROK Singapore Turkey UCT
Universal US/Alaska US/Aleutian US/Arizona
US/Central US/East-Indiana US/Eastern US/Hawaii
US/Indiana-Starke US/Michigan US/Mountain US/Pacific
US/Pacific-New US/Samoa UTC W-SU
WET Zulu    
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User Contributed Notes 4 notes

6 months ago
If one should not use 'Canada/Eastern' (According to the warning on the top) - what else can be used?
3 months ago
@dognose Refer to the corresponding Notes column here
Samuel Horwitz
5 years ago
Take note that while EST and MST are valid, according to this list, PST and CST are not. I am not sure why, but it has caught me off guard. However, if using the DST versions of the "American" timezone strings, you have all four: EST5EDT, CST6CDT, MST7MDT and PST8PDT.
aanderson at amherst dot edu
3 years ago
Don’t use 'EST', at least in PHP 5.3.3 it’s the same as 'EST5EDT' rather than being strictly standard time.  The only reliable way I’ve found to interpret a time as standard time is to use a UTC-relative format such as:

$dateObject = date_create("2013-06-30 07:00:00-0500");
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