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要使用这些函数,你必须在编译 PHP 的 CGI 或者 CLI 版本时启用 readline 支持. 你需要在编译配置 PHP 时使用 --with-readline[=DIR] 选项. 如果你想使用 libedit 来代替 readline , 配置 PHP 时使用 --with-libedit[=DIR] 选项

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kevin_tm at yahoo dot com
3 years ago
If you missed that argument when initially installing php5 and want to add it after the fact, this is all you need:

sudo apt-get install php5-readline
rs at income dot cz
4 years ago
Use dotdeb. It's like 1 minute work.

Follow https://www.dotdeb.org/instructions/

Do only points 1,3,4 (omit 2)

and then
sudo apt-get install php5-readline
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