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把连接建立在 SSL 加密技术上可以增加客户端和服务器端通信的安全性,或者 SSH 也可以用于加密客户端和数据库之间的连接。如果使用了这些技术的话,攻击者要监视服务器的通信或者得到数据库的信息是很困难的。

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jakub dot lasinski at interia dot pl
8 years ago
Even if webserver and DBMS are on the same phisical machine one can separate networks by setting database in virtual server inside the main system (using for example VMware solutions).
aastaneh at cmax2 dot com
10 years ago
Another solution to protect your database is to have a seperate backend network exclusively used for database traffic. Your webserver(s) would have two interface cards: one facing the world, one facing the internal database network. This way- there's no chance of intercepting database traffic from the outside.
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