The MongoDB\Driver\Session class

(mongodb >=1.4.0)


The MongoDB\Driver\Session class represents a client session and is returned by MongoDB\Driver\Manager::startSession(). Commands, queries, and write operations may then be associated the session.

Class synopsis

final MongoDB\Driver\Session {
/* Methods */
final public void abortTransaction ( void )
final public void advanceClusterTime ( array|object $clusterTime )
final public void advanceOperationTime ( MongoDB\BSON\TimestampInterface $operationTime )
final public void commitTransaction ( void )
final private __construct ( void )
final public void endSession ( void )
final public object|null getClusterTime ( void )
final public object getLogicalSessionId ( void )
final public MongoDB\BSON\Timestamp|null getOperationTime ( void )
final public void startTransaction ( array|object $options )

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