PHP 7.1.21 Released


Asia/Aden Asia/Almaty Asia/Amman Asia/Anadyr
Asia/Aqtau Asia/Aqtobe Asia/Ashgabat Asia/Atyrau
Asia/Baghdad Asia/Bahrain Asia/Baku Asia/Bangkok
Asia/Barnaul Asia/Beirut Asia/Bishkek Asia/Brunei
Asia/Chita Asia/Choibalsan Asia/Colombo Asia/Damascus
Asia/Dhaka Asia/Dili Asia/Dubai Asia/Dushanbe
Asia/Famagusta Asia/Gaza Asia/Hebron Asia/Ho_Chi_Minh
Asia/Hong_Kong Asia/Hovd Asia/Irkutsk Asia/Jakarta
Asia/Jayapura Asia/Jerusalem Asia/Kabul Asia/Kamchatka
Asia/Karachi Asia/Kathmandu Asia/Khandyga Asia/Kolkata
Asia/Krasnoyarsk Asia/Kuala_Lumpur Asia/Kuching Asia/Kuwait
Asia/Macau Asia/Magadan Asia/Makassar Asia/Manila
Asia/Muscat Asia/Nicosia Asia/Novokuznetsk Asia/Novosibirsk
Asia/Omsk Asia/Oral Asia/Phnom_Penh Asia/Pontianak
Asia/Pyongyang Asia/Qatar Asia/Qyzylorda Asia/Riyadh
Asia/Sakhalin Asia/Samarkand Asia/Seoul Asia/Shanghai
Asia/Singapore Asia/Srednekolymsk Asia/Taipei Asia/Tashkent
Asia/Tbilisi Asia/Tehran Asia/Thimphu Asia/Tokyo
Asia/Tomsk Asia/Ulaanbaatar Asia/Urumqi Asia/Ust-Nera
Asia/Vientiane Asia/Vladivostok Asia/Yakutsk Asia/Yangon
Asia/Yekaterinburg Asia/Yerevan    
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anandayyappan at gmail dot com
2 months ago
Asia/Kolkata is the TimeZone for India
2 months ago
What about India timezone - What would be the value for it (Asia/India or Asia/Delhi) ?
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