PHP 7.1.21 Released


(PHP 5 >= 5.4.0, PHP 7)

SessionHandlerInterface::openInicializa uma sessão


abstract public bool SessionHandlerInterface::open ( string $save_path , string $session_name )

Reinicializa uma sessão existente ou cria uma nova. Chamada quando uma sessão inicia ou quando session_start() é invocada.



O caminho para armazenar/recuperar a sessão.


O nome da sessão.

Valor Retornado

O valor retornado (geralmente TRUE no sucesso, FALSE em falha). Note que esse valor é retornado internamente ao PHP para processamento.

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User Contributed Notes 3 notes

narf at devilix dot net
3 years ago
The suggestion that you should free the lock as soon as possible is WRONG (and for some reason, I can't downvote it right now).

Releasing the lock before the write() call is as effective as not using locks at all. The whole point is that a concurrent read() HAS to be blocked until the session is closed, otherwise you'll have race conditions.

If you care about the performance aspect, you should take care to call session_write_close() as soon as possible instead.
tony at marston-home dot demon dot co dot uk
2 months ago
Note that once $sessionName has been used to provide a value for $sessionId from the cookie data it is totally redundant as all further reading and writing of the session data is controlled by $sessionId.

If, for any reason, it becomes necessary to identify the value for $sessionName which is associated with the current $sessionId then you should use the value that was passed on the open() method. Attempting to use a value from an alternative source could have unexpected side effects.
ross at newmail dot ru
4 years ago
You should lock your program for as shorter as possible. Lock it straight before read/write operation and unlock it just after this operation. Otherwise you will face with perfomance degradation and even lock your program at all.

You bind your session to db. Your open method opens the db connection and locks it. No other parallel requests will not be possible until the hole request to your site will be finished (and session close will be called)
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