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int imageloadfont ( string $file )

imageloadfont() 加载一个用户定义的位图字体并返回该字体的标识符(其值总是大于 5,因此不会和内置字体冲突)。 在产生错误的情况下,该函数返回 FALSE

字体文件格式目前是二进制的且和平台有关。这意味着应该用和你运行 PHP 的机器相同类型 CPU 的机器生成字体。

字节位置 C 数据类型 说明
byte 0-3 int 字体中的字符数目
byte 4-7 int 字体中第一个字符的值(通常是 32 代表空格)
byte 8-11 int 每个字符宽度的像素值
byte 12-15 int 每个字符高度的像素值
byte 16- char 字符数据的数组,每字符中每像素一字节,一共 (nchars*width*height) 字节。

Example #1 使用 imageloadfont

("Content-type: image/png");
$im imagecreatetruecolor(5020);
$black imagecolorallocate($im000);
$white imagecolorallocate($im255255255);
$font imageloadfont("04b.gdf");

参见 imagefontwidth()imagefontheight()

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alex at bestgames dot ro
9 years ago
Confirmation code generation for preventing automated registrations on a website.

Function arguments are:
$code - the code that you shall random generate
$location - relative location of the image that shall be generated
$fonts_dir - relative location for the GDF fonts directory

This function will create an image with the code given by you and will save it in the directory specified with the name formed by MD5 hash of the code.

You may insert as many font types in the fonts directory as you wish, with random names.

function generate_image($code, $location, $fonts_dir)
$image  = imagecreate(150, 60);          
imagecolorallocate($image, rand(0, 100), rand(100, 150), rand(150, 250));
$fonts = scandir($fonts_dir);
$max = count($fonts) - 2;
$width = 10;
     for (
$i = 0; $i <= strlen($code); $i++)
$textcolor = imagecolorallocate($image, 255, 255, 255);
$rand = rand(2, $max);
$font = imageloadfont($fonts_dir."/".$fonts[$rand]);
$fh = imagefontheight($font);
$fw = imagefontwidth($font);

imagechar($image, $font, $width, rand(10, 50 - $fh), $code[$i], $textcolor);    
$width = $width + $fw;
imagejpeg($image, $location."/".md5($code).".jpg", 100);

siker at norwinter dot com
9 years ago
Working under the assumption that the only 'architecture dependant' part of the font files is endianness, I wrote a quick and dirty Python script to convert between the two. It has only been tested on a single font on a single machine so don't bet your life on it working. All it does is swap the byte order of the first four ints.

#!/usr/bin/env python

f = open("myfont.gdf", "rb");
d = open("myconvertedfont.gdf", "wb");

for i in xrange(4):
        b = [ for j in xrange(4)];


I successfully used this script to convert anonymous.gdf, from one of the font links below, into something useable on Mac OS X.
puremango dot co dot uk at gmail dot com
9 years ago
I've written an online tool in PHP that allows you to create GD fonts from PNG images.

much usefulness for custom font creation, I feel.

see the tool@
(source available online)
matthew at exanimo dot com
9 years ago
Remember - GD fonts aren't antialiased.  If you're planning on using a pre-existing (TrueType) font, you may want to consider using imagettftext() instead of phillip's function.
widget at oneblacksheep dot com
10 years ago
After noting the gd fonts page from dryes58 above was down I contacted the him and have put the pages up at hows about that then =)
angryziber at mail dot com
14 years ago
You all should look at the GD image library site for information on extra fonts, it can be found at
null at phpmix dot com
10 years ago
Sometime ago I wrote a small tutorial on how to create dynamic signatures using gd_fonts. I also uploaded some gd_fonts...

You can check it out here, if you wish:

Hope that helps
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