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この拡張モジュールは PHP 5.5.0 で非推奨になり、PHP 7.0.0 で削除されました。 MySQLi あるいは PDO_MySQL を使うべきです。詳細な情報は MySQL: API の選択それに関連する FAQ を参照ください。 この関数の代替として、これらが使えます。


bool mysql_free_result ( resource $result )

mysql_free_result() は、結果 ID result に関するすべてのメモリを開放します。

mysql_free_result() は、 スクリプト実行のメモリの使用量が多すぎると懸念される場合にのみ 必要になります。指定した結果 ID に関する全ての結果保持用メモリは、 スクリプトの実行後に自動的に開放されます。



評価された結果 リソース。 この結果は、mysql_query() のコールにより得られたものです。


成功した場合に TRUE を、失敗した場合に FALSE を返します。

result がリソースではなかった場合、 E_WARNING レベルのエラーが発生します。 mysql_query()resource を返すのは SELECT, SHOW, EXPLAIN, そして DESCRIBE の場合だけであることに注意しましょう。

例1 mysql_free_result() の例

mysql_query("SELECT id,email FROM people WHERE id = '42'");
if (!
$result) {
'Could not run query: ' mysql_error();
/* 結果を利用する。ここでは、その後結果を利用したものと仮定する */
$row mysql_fetch_assoc($result);

/* 結果を開放し、さらにスクリプトの処理を進める */




下位互換のために、次の非推奨別名を使用してもいいでしょう。 mysql_freeresult()


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User Contributed Notes 7 notes

webmaster at bluesting dot co dot za
4 years ago
mysql_query() also returns a resource for "OPTIMIZE TABLE" statements!
Joachim Kruyswijk
10 years ago
Using this function may actually increase the amount of memory used. In my case, the script used 208 bytes less memory when *not* using mysql_free_result().
Check for yourself: call memory_get_usage() at the end of the script.
admin at ifyouwantblood dot de
7 years ago
yes this function may increase the memory usage if you use unbuffered querys and if you have not fetched all the data from mysql. in this case the mysql api has a problem: you want to free the result but do not want to close the connection. now mysql will only accept another query if all data has been fetched, so the api now must fetch the rest of the data when calling mysql_free_result().

so only use unbuffered querys if you fetch all the data (and need it).
8 years ago
If you're seeing warnings like "Warning: Unknown: 6 result set(s) not freed. Use mysql_free_result to free result sets which were requested using mysql_query() in Unknown on line 0" and want to turn them off, set mysql.trace_mode = Off in your php.ini
macronesia at macronesia dot net
10 years ago
You not need to use this if you are using PHP 4.

The comment below this comment may explain why it's actually costing more memory.
webmaster at wforums dot net
7 years ago
I agree with Joachim Kruyswijk (posted on 14-Jun-2005 11:42). I just did the test on my beta version of my new site (who needs to get dynamically news and user login from a database) and i use 1000kb less memory when i do not use mysql_free_result. I guess it is because the data it needs to load are not that large (for news: date, short description and for the user login: username, password). It may only be in the user control panel that it will be more, but since that isn't developed totally yet, i'll have to test :p
mdeininger at jyujin dot de
9 years ago
yes, i encountered that too. as far as i could tell, that's because the script is stored in memory after being compiled and that's as much more memory as it needs for a call to that function.

if you always get lotsa data in your results, using this function will decrease memory usage tho, unless you use non-buffered queries (which are preferable unless you absolutely *have* to use mysql_seek(), or you need to do another query while the last one hasn't finished reporting back, as they can provide a small speedup)
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