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(PHP 5 < 5.3.0, dbase 5, dbase 7)

dbase_createCreates a database


resource dbase_create ( string $filename , array $fields [, int $type = DBASE_TYPE_DBASE ] )

dbase_create() creates a dBase database with the given definition. If the file already exists, it is not truncated. dbase_pack() can be called to force truncation.

Bilginize: Güvenli kip etkinken, PHP, dosya ve dizinlerin sahibinin betiği çalıştıran kullanıcı ile aynı olup olmadığını sınar.


Bu işlev open_basedir'dan etkilenir.



The name of the database. It can be a relative or absolute path to the file where dBase will store your data.


An array of arrays, each array describing the format of one field of the database. Each field consists of a name, a character indicating the field type, and optionally, a length, a precision and a nullable flag. The supported field types are listed in the introduction section.


The fieldnames are limited in length and must not exceed 10 chars.


The type of database to be created. Either DBASE_TYPE_DBASE or DBASE_TYPE_FOXPRO.

Dönen Değerler

Returns a database link identifier if the database is successfully created, or FALSE if an error occurred.

Sürüm Bilgisi

Sürüm: Açıklama
dbase 7.0.0 The type parameter has been added.
dbase 7.0.0 The return value is now a resource instead of an int.


Örnek 1 Creating a dBase database file


// database "definition"
$def = array(
"date",     "D"),
"name",     "C",  50),
"age",      "N",   30),
"email",    "C"128),

// creation
if (!dbase_create('/tmp/test.dbf'$def)) {
"Error, can't create the database\n";


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9 months ago
There is no third param in this function.
According to latest pecl package "dbase-pecl-php7", there are only 2 params.
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