PHP 5.6.36 Released


(PHP 5 < 5.3.0, dbase 5, dbase 7)

dbase_delete_recordDeletes a record from a database


bool dbase_delete_record ( resource $dbase_identifier , int $record_number )

Marks the given record to be deleted from the database.


To actually remove the record from the database, you must also call dbase_pack().



The database link identifier, returned by dbase_open() or dbase_create().


An integer which spans from 1 to the number of records in the database (as returned by dbase_numrecords()).

Dönen Değerler

Başarı durumunda TRUE, başarısızlık durumunda FALSE döner.

Sürüm Bilgisi

Sürüm: Açıklama
dbase 7.0.0 dbase_identifier is now a resource instead of an int.

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