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2 years ago
The date format for e.g. SINCE is, according to rfc3501:

date            = date-text / DQUOTE date-text DQUOTE

date-day        = 1*2DIGIT
                    ; Day of month

date-day-fixed  = (SP DIGIT) / 2DIGIT
                    ; Fixed-format version of date-day

date-month      = "Jan" / "Feb" / "Mar" / "Apr" / "May" / "Jun" /
                  "Jul" / "Aug" / "Sep" / "Oct" / "Nov" / "Dec"

date-text       = date-day "-" date-month "-" date-year

So a valid date is e.g. "22-Jul-2012" with or without the double quotes.
2 years ago
I haven't found any documentation of the allowed date formats, but (for example) "14 May 2012" works.

// Find UIDs of messages within the past week
$date = date ( "d M Y", strToTime ( "-7 days" ) );
$uids = imap_search ( $mbox, "SINCE \"$date\"", SE_UID );
mail at nikha dot org
6 months ago
be aware, that imap_search() does NOT (as you may exspect) return an empty array, if nothing was found!
As the manual says, it returns FALSE.

Do not test the result like "count($array)" as I did.
This gives you 1 for an empty result. Took me an hour to found out why :-(  RTFM
anonymous at anonymous dot ru
3 months ago
the function "imap_search" not work for some mails , maybe that because header syntax or some bug .

thanks a lot
james at medbirdie dot com
1 year ago
To set your own CHARSET, which is useful if you are dealing with Chinese Japanese and Korean queries.

<?php imap_search($inbox,'BODY "'.$keyword.'"', SE_FREE, "UTF-8"); ?>
joseph dot cardwell at jbcwebservices dot com
2 years ago
imap_search() always returns false when op_silent flag is set in the connection parameters.
admin at rancid-tea dot com
6 years ago
This search looks for messages matching ALL criteria, not ANY criteria. For example the search

imap_search($mailbox,'FROM "user" TO "user"')

Will return message that have "user" in both the from and to headers, but not messages with "user" in either the from or to header.
oliver at samera dot com dot py
11 years ago
imap_search() only supports IMAP2 search criterias, because the function mail_criteria() (from c-client lib) is used in ext/imap/php_imap.c for parsing the search string.
IMAP2 search criteria is defined in RFC 1176, section "tag SEARCH search_criteria".
trimoreau dot yonn at gmail dot com
1 year ago
It's not possible to find strings containing double quotes using this function.

For example, if you got a message named : Hello, this is "Bob"
You can try :
     imap_search($inbox, 'SUBJECT "Hello, this is "Bob""')
     imap_search($inbox, "SUBJECT 'Hello, this is \"Bob\"'")

But both are false, because you did not escape double quotes in the first case, and you can NOT use simple quotes in the imap_search criteria in the second case.

The real problem is that you cannot use simple quotes to surround your criteria in the 2nd argument of imap_search, after SUBJECT.
oliver at samera dot com dot py
12 years ago
imap_search() return false if it does not understand the search condition or no messages have been found.

$emails imap_seach($mbox, "UNDELETED SENTSINCE 01-Jan-2002");
if($emails === false)
  echo "The search failed";
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