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(PECL imagick 2.0.0)

Imagick::getFormatImagick オブジェクトのフォーマットを取得する


string Imagick::getFormat ( void )

Imagick オブジェクトのフォーマットを返します。



エラー / 例外

エラー時に ImagickException をスローします。

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holdoffhunger at gmail dot com
6 years ago
The getFormat function merely returns the value of the image format, which is not automatically loaded when you read an image.  The value you're getting back, then, is merely the value that you set the format to using the setFormat function.  That function takes pretty much any string that matches a popular or well-known image filename.  It accepts "jpeg" and "gif", but errors out on anything that is not an image filename, like "xyz123" or "zip".  How do you know what filetypes you can enter?  Use the PHP ImageMagick function 'queryFormats'.  If you want to know what type of file you have, you should try using the PHP page for the function 'filetype'.  Or, on the other hand, you can use the ImageMagick function getImageFormat (as opposed to the ImageMagick function getFormat).  The difference is that getImageFormat actually returns the format of the inputted image.

And now, a simple demonstration of the set/get activity in the Format :


// Author:
        // Imagick Type
        // ---------------------------------------------

$imagick_type = new Imagick();
// Open File
        // ---------------------------------------------
$file_to_grab = "image_workshop_directory/test.bmp";
$file_handle_for_viewing_image_file = fopen($file_to_grab, 'a+');
// Grab File
        // ---------------------------------------------

// Set/Get Format
        // ---------------------------------------------
$imagick_type_format = $imagick_type->getFormat();
// Print Results
        // ---------------------------------------------


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